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With Sprinkles

by Beefy

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Up, Up, and Away (free) 04:29
Let me take ya far away, up up and away I just try to make ya smile maybe brighten your day Balloon flighting, no more fighting, get away from the hate We can have a better day Up up and away Hotter than the summer in the middle of July Gotta brand new album and a pretty lady in my life A lot of things have changed but even more have stayed the same Open doors, rocking shows, and now new people know my name And these days I just step away from hate Some people ill communicate but even more congratulate But I just wanna regulate and speak about the love That I get at all the clubs and all my friends around the world Had I known when I started in the grade of eight That the words that I was writing would allow my type to celebrate Then I wouldn't try so hard to write some rotten rap Jesse D wouldn't be proud me, for sure, matter of fact But still too often I feel like a piece of crap Everything I do is lame and I'm just slipping through the crack Then I just look up and remember that I'm lucky Got my baby, got my mommy, got my nugget and they love me The season is the reason that I focus on the smile I finally see the sun cause it's been winter for awhile My style, I don't know, I suppose could take me further Than my teachers might have thought. The Beefy will not flip a burger 2009 I abandoned the stress Walk away from the mess, and I won't settle for less - cause I live to flow, rock the show, get the dough Sit alone, on the floor, shut the door, rock some more, so No more will I deal with nonsense Brag about hotness, it's making me nauseous Big ups to my European disk jocks School girls wearing knee socks, my baby in her flip flops And every single person that supported Rolling Doubles Now sit back with the sprinkles, let it take away your troubles Relax with your headphones on and kick your feet up Beefy Thompson would get bullied, now the bully's getting beat up Moment of silence for the Joker... K Wish he could stay, but he had to go away Ask Gandalf the Grey, death's another role to play A performance so fine it deserves the reminiscing And all the recognition, and all the people missing him Thankfully have the luxury of the DVD Let Beefy show ya how to live so sweet now Anything ya want ya gotta grab it with the quick fast Only turn the other cheek to grab another can of whoop ass Rap is just a program, gotta navigate the setup Change the preferences and settings just to make the people get up Rush the stage if your in it for love In it for hip-hop, nerdcore, rapping and stuff I'm not the kind of nerd that can talk in ones and zeros I'm the kind of nerd with cards, dice, and love for superheroes
This is a Mustin production. Nerd is a bad word if you utter it to the wrong type of little boy or girl Yo they will not really like ya and it's kind of way absurd Believe me yo I know it they wanna be part of the herd But I live for the moment And they don't know why I rap For real, I don't know either they keep giving me crap Come on, I need a breather And they won't cut me no slack But that don’t really matter Cause still, I'll make em clap And I fill em up with laughter Loving what ya see I'm so very lovely wanna be like me Beefy Thompson rock the party Wanna pick up my CD Just give me 10 dollars And get my MP3s And I'm sure to make ya holla, not a Stereotype cause these people think I just Bark but don't bite Still I rock the mic and bust like Every night And if I spot a hater I just Shoot em on sight Like Danny G, just roll with me, come on My technique is blaze and fire because I’m not weak I’ll get ya wired because I'm a geek And I’ll make ya *nintendo sounds* know what think when you look on me "He's a fatty and a nerd, there's no way that he could harm me" Well think again, with a mic and a pen Could make you wish you could go back and make life never begin So, lose the judgements and opinions and assumptions We could party like it’s 79 like the Smashing Pumpkins And you’d adore, the way I rip up a page Tape it up and then deliver, recreate it on the stage For my fans in the front row yelling my name Throwing up their hands for me cause they know I'd do the same Love em like they love me, matter fact, it may be more Cutie rock your body and call me your mi amour heh heh, They like to tell me to stop it Really you shouldn't knock it cause it's so hot I could drop it But never that, I could do this with my eyes closed Sure ya got some nice clothes but baby you don't need those My technique is blaze and fire because I’m not weak I’ll get ya wired because I'm a geek And I’ll make ya *nintendo sounds* Think it, write it, rip it, flow Weekend, party, take it slow Gotta wicked secret, got some good information The best way to relax is rocking playstation And if you have some people on the way then you should listen up If any of em acting sour I'mma mess em up Cool dude and I'm chill for the most part Smiles times a fine art, very close to my heart Just a minute.. I done said it before From the days of playing nintendo on my mother's floor The only thing I care about is making ya glad If ya feel the same way maybe we should all take a stand I’m the Mic controller, I'm controlling the mic Please Don't make it a fist fight, just gimme the limelight I earned it, I deserve it cause I do it the best Yeah you can call me Beefy, represent the northwest Come on! My technique is blaze and fire because I’m not weak I’ll get ya wired because I'm a geek And I’ll make ya *nintendo sounds*
There's this girl I kinda know, got a name tag and pig tails And she don't seem to know that she's a god amoung females Because she's hella hot, but she smiles back at me Asking what I think of the new editions of the PS3 I don't know, kinda cool, but I think that she's great Trying to work up all my courage just to ask for a date But it's weird cause she's at work, and she's real nice for a living And I don't wanna be a douche bag like a real life super villain So I... step back let the other dudes try And I... try to pretend that I'm not the jealous type But I'm... knowing better so I hide in the back And try to formulate a plan like I'm both Wiki and Zach Shoud I...go up and tell her I'm a legend on the internet Give her a night she won't forget and I don't even know her yet Hardly feeling studly, matter fact I'm feeling weak Cause I think I got no shot, but she's shooting me a wink (chorus) Game store girl I've got a crush Let me take you to the food court and I'll buy ya lunch Discount at the pretzel place, she buys me soda pop She gets all of my in-jokes and I never want the game to stop I'm not rich, I don't have a degree But she only cares that I'm a fan of TMNT And just the cartoon, because she didn't like the movie Says she's a fan of Evil Dead, and so I say that's groovy But please don't tell her that I haven't seen the flick She says she don't like smokers so I throw away the Bic And her manager tells me that I shouldn't stay and loiter But I do not give a damn about her needle neck employer I can't go home cause I stubbed my toe If I can't be with this woman, might as well just be alone Still too brash, I invite her to my pad We could beat up Koopa Troopas while we quote some Superbad She smiles and she laughs and she pats me on my head She says sorry cookie belly, but I'm going home to bed But you can have this poster, when ya see it, think of me I'll think of you when you're all famous and you're on TV (chorus) Game store girl I've got a crush Let me take you to the food court and I'll buy ya lunch Discount at the pretzel place, she buys me a soda pop She gets all of my in-jokes and I never want the game to stop Here's the thing (Here's the thing) I really like you (I really like you) And I don't have to try at all just to entice you You love Excite Bike, you can beat up Mike Tys And I think in less than five year I could see you as my wife But here now in the present nobody will treat you better I'll go walking if you want to but you got wear my sweater And I won't boss you around, and I won't talk bout myself And I'm impressed by every game you've got hanging on your shelf I'm a nice and silly guy, I may not be your fantasy But I would treat you like a queen, and we could always play the Wii And I'll cut back on the pot cause I think you're really hot And you can scream and squeeze me while we're playing Bioshock I'm not ripped, I'm not fit, but I can always make you laugh Competitive and geeky cause you kick my ass at math And I can surely promise I won't turn into a jerk Let me know when you're on break, I'd like to visit you at work (chorus) Game store girl I've got a crush Let me take you to the food court and I'll buy ya lunch Discount at Pretzel Time, she buys me soda pop She gets all of my in-jokes and I never want the game to stop
Geek Out 02:52
Geek out! Stay online for twenty hours Geek out! Make up brand new super powers Geek out! Keep up on the latest movie news And pimp your little website until it gets about a billion views Geek out! Write a fanfic starring Predator Geek out! Meet your friends and roll a character Geek out! Find the address of Joss Whedon You can go through all his trash and find the things that he's been eating -Find the address of Colbert And try to make him like you just by beating up a bear -Find the address of Beef Thompson Tell him he's the bestestist, and tell him that you love him Geek out! Make a joke then blame the government Don't act like you don't like it cause I know you do a little bit I'm not exactly the type to take some action Get online and join a faction, level up to satisfaction Well that's not for me, but I love ya if ya do it Downing carbonated fluid while you're rolling up a druid I don't care about an Idol, I'm not dancing with the stars But I'll pour a 40 for my love Veronica Mars Rofl at the Office but we cringe at Michael Scott We'll open up a sushi bar, call it Wok It Like It's Hot Slamming like I'm Bam Bam, Indie like I'm Sandman Cute and silly ninja cause I'm beating up the Foot Clan Call me Ben Grimm cause you know that I rock Don't call me tvlinks, there's no way that I'll stop Can't contain me in a comic cause I'll break through every panel Bowl of Fruity Pebbles then logging on to Surf The Channel I'm the nerdcore superhero dude Copy if you want to but it's lame and that is understood Should be praying for your soul if ya ever call me fatty Do a **transformer noise** transforming to a Big Daddy And your girl's my Little Sister, I'll protect her and I'll love her If the shop don't have my comics, pack it up and find another And yo GTA4's got me talking like I'm Russian Eat a bunch of Reese's Pieces and we WASH IT DOWN WITH TUSSIN Like my name was Cassie Wright, I got nothing to lose Don't punch me and don't pinch me cause I'm easy to bruise I hit snooze, sip booze while I'm looking at nudes And I joke with all my buddies bout the secrets of ooze Geek out, You'll really love it. Geek out if you're a nerd Like my name was Gigahertz dude I'm totally absurd I'm a jack of all trades and a fan of every hobby You don't know it, I'm on fire like my name was Ricky Bobby Got a twenty sider in my hand Tiny dwarf figurine and it's all at my command Just light me a torch while I take on all the orcs Not really an adventure, just a room full of dorks Glad you like Street Fighter but no way that you can beat me I rock my own style that I learned from Dan Habiki Walk into the club and I pick up the mic Kids holding up the wall yelling Nerdcore For Life Shut your freaking gob, and I'm honest blog If I could get a date with Juno I would give up my job Fertile and she's pretty and she's bad to the bone Smile and say I love her on a hamburger phone Pay to see Iron Man again and again Convince myself that me and Tony Stark could really be friends Nerds everywhere, raise your fist and be proud Tell the rest shut their mouth and prepare to geek out!
Throw up your hands if you're rocking with your heroes Beefy T and YTC we talk with ones and zeroes Party in your head when you're feeling the verse Best believe in what you see, Nerdy South, we own the universe Rock across the globe but at home on a track Keep it 1337 and keep it geek and yo you know where it's at Think before ya speak, before ya open your mouth Praise be to spam god for giving you the Nerdy South I be the finger snapper, your sister's favorite rapper I make ya put your hands together then its over like a clapper I'm the day and I'm the night, I'm both the alpha and omega Flex fit upon my skull, dressed in black just like a Sega Got more power than the megadrive, you're taking a five And while ya rest your fans will learn the main event has arrived Baptised in a fire when I held that five and quarter A beast had come alive so tell the channel five reporter I didn't learn to make it work, I learned to make it work for me Get me the information that I'm needed to succeed Now ya see in the spotlight, you see the marquee? A list of all your favorite rappers, and among em is me Put in the hours and I'm grinding watch the numbers explode Call it in, a two-eleven, Beefy's stolen the show And he ain't ever giving it back, try and you get laid flat Finally at the higher level and I've waited long to say that i get high with my peoples from the internet and blessing everybody i encounter beefy whitey mc router started something with the focus trusting nothing to chance and the Spam God enforce every bit of my parlance spamtec are my brothers dg does the damn thing nerdy south keeps the records rotating for the spam king spamming and romancing every little girl up on the tubes typed a couple sentences and now im looking at her boobs dont lose your focus im the dopest in fact aint no fiction to my friction with these chicks in the sack got a knack for the Praise Him ladies i amaze them sitting on the wireless naked at the days inn apple r and the stats refresh one zero zero man you know the rest passed the test im a product of the 80s and now nerdy south blowing up with the boom boom pow
Play my game, really there's nothing to it Be a thief, be an orc, be an elf, be a druid XP gained when the boss gets killed More than a few dwarfs wanna join my guild Log on all hours and we don't get bored Battle with words or the tip of a sword Play a peacemaker but I rock dual wield Just pass this test you can join my guild Game time I log on, slay me a dragon Then tell the warlock in my room he gotta get gone Gotta make sure that ya follow the rules Yo don't pick on those dudes, just be nice to nice noobs Leveled on up now I'm a superstar But free fall, uploaded naked avatar Loot drop, next stop is a shopping spree Run victory like Dub, A, S, D We gotta healer gotta tank and we got DPS Retarded cousin in our group can only spell success And if you pass this test, you can be like us Are you a fan of Cheesybeards baby? That's a must You log on and on and on again And sing that same ol song again But we got your back when it's dark and you can't see More than fantasy, a digi family, come on! Hurry got no patience, raid another nation The way my helmet glows lets ya know I'm a sensation Game, but I'm not playing, it's serious biz Already got myself a pet, I don't have time for the kids Fingers keep em steady, got my potions at the ready Gotta Tinkerbell who says she had a life like Ugly Betty Palms are getting sweaty, my mom's making spaghetti But she doesn't seem to know that I am going to war! Shift into bear, I bite dudes with swords Leaving every single orc screaming Oh my lord! Small gnomes get saved, Undead get slain While my psychiatrist is never understanding my paid Just because I'm having fun, I gotta give that up? I think because you don't like the way you've grown up So let me bang my drum, let me sing my song Whole world in my palm whenever I log on, go!
Since I was 12 years old You think I speak in code You talk in a different language You'll all love it when I'm famous My iGeneration grew up connected Rejected for comic books that I collected Finally accepted, didn't expected it Cause we can clean up your system if it got infected As the tech spread wider then the world got small Got friends everywhere and I talk to em all There's a reason that they say that I'm the bestestist Cause I fill em up with references To things that we both share and I don't care If there's only two dudes out there That really know what I'm sayin In their head like a monster and I'm mind flaying Since middle school where we pass those notes Have a whole conversation consists of quotes Download every megabyte I'm just trying to represent for the things I like You got down to the dirty south sound Got crunk then your hyphy proud Didn't mind when Snoop made words So what makes you think you can't get down with nerds? You know my flows for the radio But I mention D&D so they tell me no Whatever, I don't wanna be a part of this Marketable? Now I'm an artist? Till then I'm in your place like Goldilocks And change the game like I was a Neo-Geo box Like Kaylee I'm just here to shine But I'm a hotbed of hate like I'm District 9 Won't fail like Cuba on a dog sleigh Love rap like Ponyo loves Sosuke Been hot since you saved it on floppy Sign me to a label just so higher ups can drop me You grew up with guns? You grew up with slugs? I grew up with dice and I grew up with MUDs I grew up with heroes on my TV You grew up with music that was popular in 93 And the thug game ain't hot no more You don't need a gang of guns if you grew up poor Kinda really simple you can do what we did Locate all the hate, ctrl+alt+delete it Am I making it clear? I'mma take it from here Ya drown in shallow water while the nerds persevere Money hungry, spend a grand at Lids Sell drugs, hit a woman, you're not good for kids You're not the future, you're just doing a disservice To passionate people who really deserve this New brand of fan and they want what's new 1-800-Nerdcore, I'll show ya how we do
Stressed enough at work, I wanna kick it Lazy Sunday style Arcade full of cabinets, I gotta say I'm versatile Street Fighter that's my game, don't wanna face me eighty Yo, embarrass ya and beat ya with a tiny Chinese lady please, your abilities just won't compare it's guile getting major // opponents running scared <beefy>but i'm too quick in the sky so you won't go there</beefy> you think it's only you throwing people from the air? quick - stick and move, lot to prove, call a truce _ skin of steel, topple you, doctor doom, sonic boom Gimme room, Got Ryu, Throwing fire like a dragon dude Fing Fam Foom, watch ya fume, whatcha think you're gonna do? rolling through, for every man i've got a plan so you still can't beat me giving "all you can" Whatever man, I'm not even feeling hot today Let's go LAN, F this game, don't like that version anyway A conflict begins on the screens - PRESS START! Tactics and skill are the themes - PRESS START! 2 players enter, 1 player leaves The outcome remains to be seen - PRESS START! Now it's time to even up the score - PRESS START! Beefy combined with Dual Core - PRESS START! A rematch? Forget it I'm all out of credits Ok, Ok, one more - PRESS START! pc gaming, time for showing off my force on my favorite map office in counter strike source lan it up so my deagle can erupt _ lob a nade, spray and pray, are you really man enough? I don't know, ask the bodies that that I left over in Dust Plantin bombs and you can trust gonna let my shotty bust Spray it up, <eighty>those your nuts?</eighty>, yeah I know you love my tag And your sitting right across from me, no blaming it on lag ok now i'm mad, but this round's in the bag [DOMINATING] what the d--k, how'd you get another frag? aim and hit, strafing quick, spray and split <beefy>headshot, headshot</beefy> this is making me sick i swear that wasn't planned and there wasn't no rehearsal then how would you explain all this freaking role reversal? Maybe I was blessed with the glory of the headshot What eighty doesn't know is that I got the dopest aim bot. boosh! Eighty's level 99, I don't think I can destroy him I was taught that if the other dude is better you should join em So whatcha trying to say? We should congregate our forces Together we'd be stronger than a billion charging horses we're unbeatable team, and about to take it home double dragon 3, picking up the sacred stones the ultimate in co-op, a good idea or better yet let's go kill some zombies and we'll get on left 4 dead I got you when the jockeys all of your back Stay strapped while I utilize this medical pack And I could really use heal because trolls are known to prowl Raiding 2 against 100 when we log on to WoW setting up a decoy, level up and destroy tag team vigilantes running in like leroy (leeeeeroy jeeeeenkins!!!) standing near the door, clear in force, heretofore let the lancer rip grinding on the gears of war Locust run in fear when I rain fire from the sky You be Fenix, I'll be Dom when we're running it on Live Later on, go to green, transform into a Marine Halo3, int eighty & Beefy's rock a killing spree Regulate for hours tills there's blisters on our fingers <Dominate your servers> And we do not bother with beginners Are you in it? <Here to win it> And we only know success Dual Core, Beefy-T, what's that button that we press?
Hold the presses, I’m ill like kids with polio I look like the guy on the episode of that show ya know Keeping up with me, because I play for keeps I got my ink for free, my baby less than three I get around, like virus in your inbox Hot Latino blood like the runner of the White Sox Like the Hitchhiker’s Guide, I got a heart of gold But if ya think I’m mostly harmless then I’m ripping off your nose I’m killing you with flows, like hurricane Katrina Did he really say that shit? Yo I promise I didn’t mean to But honestly, I couldn’t give two shits You’re weak like Skee-Lo, he couldn’t make two hits Throw your fits, like tossing Tony Little I’m so low tech, my mic atop a CD spindle Kissing and caressing on a girl who’s not a freak I don’t get sleep, could write this album in a week Go! Don’t act like you don’t, because I know you know (x3) I’m killing you with flows I’m killing you with flows They call me Beef Thom Rock it with the lights on Shake it like a pom-pom This motherfucker’s awesome I be the bestestist See you can burn to this And yo I never miss So just throw up your fist Staying Alive, like I’m the BGs or I’m GLaDOS Hold the world inside my palm, rock a gauntlet like I’m Thanos Like a clown on retainer, I’m always down to party People scared when I roll into their town like Katamari Come on baby, sorry. I didn’t know that you weren’t naughty Make you feel like you’re in church. When it’s in you, you say Lordy! Cause you’re horny like I’m horny. Don’t deny it. Don’t ignore me. Get you wet and light headed like it’s Sealab and your Stormy But, um, maybe I should hit the breaks I vomit Frosted Flakes, everything I spit is gggggreat! Catch me in a circle like a dot, got my cootie shot Like tectonic plates, I’ve been known to make your body rock Corners asking whatcha got? Medicine and purple pot Like Damien Hess yo, I’ve been known to Frontalot Like carnies on strike, my flow is no fair I’m not a daredevil, but the devil made me dare Go! Don’t act like you don’t, because I know you know (x3) I’m killing you with flows I’m killing you with flows They call me Beef Thom Rock it with the lights on Shake it like a pom-pom This motherfucker’s awesome I be the bestestist See you can burn to this And yo I never miss So just throw up your fist
Lemme start off with you look so fine In my car, hit the mall about a quarter past nine Don't fret babe, you'll get to the flick They're still playing previews, ain't even dim the lights yet Which is key for the plans that I got cooking Locate me in the back make sure that nobody is looking Then I pull out the pocket knife and I cut a little hole In the popcorn bowl. Let's see how's this gonna go I know we've only known each other for an hour But I think that I love you so I'm gonna skip the flower and Move on to the main damn course Get her hand to the source like I'm using the force She just got a little more than see expected A giggle and a smile on her face what I've detected Arc to her eyebrow, she asks "Is that it?" I've got butter flavored shame and the girl she splits You can call me the feature... creep Be aware when you take your... seat That I think I have the right to commentary Saying everything I think to anybody that can hear me You can call me the feature... creep Blind you every single time I tweet First date is a perfect time for third base Asshole for sure, I treat the theatre like my place I rest my feet upon the seat in which you occupy You ask polite for me to stop I whisper "yo hope you die.." But whatever I got candy to distract me Hear the crinkle and the crackle of plastic drive you batty Don't get too attached to the star of this flick He won't make it to the end cause the bad guy's the chick Oh I'm sorry, am I the only one with internets? Searching the synopsis checking if there were some scenes with sex Hey don't leave, your gonna miss the best scene Cause that man's a machine and it's all on my Twitter feed As you can see I'm the kinda guy to at reply Now quiet in the front, there's bout to be a shocking suicide Oh my god, I bet you didn't see that coming First time that I'd seen it yo my heart was hella pumping Heading for the climax, I can disregard your disrespect The movie's almost over so who wants to hit up Denny's next? You can call me the feature... creep Be aware when you take your... seat That I think I have the right to commentary Saying everything I think to that can hear me You can call me the feature... creep Blind you every single time I tweet First date is a perfect time for third base Asshole for sure, I treat the theatre like my place
Sidekick 04:27
Ready for whatever no matter what the scenario So here we go, rescue the girl of my brother Mario Can't control his woman so she's always darting off Too busy playing golf, maybe my older brother is soft But yo I've been his partner since the days of Atari - Up until the planet surfing, that's a whole other story Well we in - breaking locks, busting blocks for the fire Kicking rocks, taking shots, till the goombas admire And yo man I'm Italian so no calling me esay Comprende? But I've been known to look good in verde Better say a prayer, I'm the Hammer Brother slayer And the first can't control me, I'm a whole other player Don't ask to drive the kart cause we be off in a dash But if ya ask me nicely you can take a ride on the mustache I'm a working plumber, rock the overall fashion Excuse me, I ghosts I gotta bust in my mansion You could call me psychic You think think that I'm a sidekick But I'm the one who's really in charge Please don't think that I'm playing If ya know what I'm saying Stomp ya, smash ya, or put you behind bars Second little sidekick got two tails to boot Complicated mutilated but I keep it so cute You can call me Tails cause I like it ironic Got gin and tonic and some chronic cause I'm chiller than Sonic So he can run in circles and all over the place But I'm a flyer I get higher than those monkeys in space He can go without me I'll be there in a bit To beat ya up Robotnic for the heinous crimes you commit Take my little buddies and ya turn into slaves Turn em into robots or ya send em to their graves Spin and when I hit ya make ya fly to the grandstand Even take you on the court and beat ya down with my back hand Be shocked if you saw all the chili dogs we devour You can clone me, make 100 little Miles Prower I'm all about the smiles and I'm good for some chuckles But I'm tired, gonna bounce, you can hang out with Knuckles La de la de la de da Running through the fi-e-a (fire) Mission does requi-e-a (require) Then that is my desi-e-a (desire) Don't really mind that it's my job to get looked past So long as I get to open up a cans of some whoop ass Put down your controllers cause it's time for a book May be named after a bird but I'm the bane of a crook Graduated, name change, or I was killed by a clown Gymnastic boy detective yeah ya know I'm holding it down Friends they call me Grayson, Penguin calls me a Dick Campy 70s TV said I suit up on a stick, but... I'm out to get the man who murdered my folks Took down Zucco now we chase the scary freak with the jokes I'm a titan of a teen, so's the rest of my crew Come and get us, when ya do we give it twice back to you Yeah, I built my rep by the side of a dark knight It's alright, could still take you all out in a bar fight Dressed in red and yellow, not exactly covert That's why you get double embarrassed when you're eating the dirt Above you in the dark, couldn't see me with a high-beam So when I come back to hit ya you'll be calling me the Nightwing
Saturday Let's go Wake up Let's roll TV Cheerios Remote control Nine years old and I don't sleep in I live for Fox Kids, it's time for X-Men Big chair Sit back No Pants Relax Show break Get snacks Squeez-Its Snack packs Done it before and I'll do it again Sit back and strap in, it's time for X-Men Ever since I could get out of bed without a parent I'd be up when it was seven, no alarm, it was inherent Back when we only needed one remote control Entire box of Cap'n Crunch inside a giant mixing bowl Tale Spin, Power Ranger, Darkwing Duck Never watched the girl shows, no way, those suck And the ads all stuck, out to make that buck Still want a Kawasaki Ninja and a Tonka Truck Not too long with 10 o' clock rolls 'round Best theme song starts and I hit the ground Got my head in my hands, hand bones to the elbows Then I don't hear a peep cause I'm deep into my shows Taught diversity and it made ya think Plus it's always so cool when the claws go Shink! I pretend I got strength and my arms made of metal Then I toss my little brother baby, Cannonball Special! Mom and dad can just stay in bed cause Beast is cool, wanna do just what he does Hang upside down but then I just bust my head. ow! I guess when X-men first debuted it was Halloween morning '92 I was straight blown away by the beat of the song that Mustin must've cleared for this track am I wrong? Before puberty brought surprising hairs I'd sit back and relax in my reclining chair Rogue was beautiful, Storm was electric Shaking from the sugar high like an apoplectic I thought fourth grade wouldn't be so hard If I just had that hologram Wolverine card, Spider-man comics and MAD Magazine Dave Berg, Don Martin, true artists, RIP I learned a lot from that X-Men show like how intolerance had to go Magneto was a jerk, thanks to the Holocaust Edutainment holler at the hollow boss
So Far Gone 04:15
im lucky as the wheat grass grows, I was blessed with the flows That could get me all the girlies in the videos I'm so far gone That's what I'm talking about I'm so far gone Baby so far gone Up in the air not a plane or a bird Just the man at the core of the thing you call nerd And I'm so far gone Man, this is magic I'm so far gone Baby so far gone I want out this place. Boom! Outer space Fighting off an army, gotta use a mask to hide the face Got my plates and ran the digits, then they pull up to the spot Of course I'll buy some cookies, I'm just glad your not the cops Hear half of all your say, I bother much to analyze it Pretty kitten something something something something legalize it! You sound just like Digg, and I know that you're with Coco But if you go with Beef we go to PAX, meet Front and JoCo See you got your nose pressed firm again the glass Not a fan? You can kiss the fattest part of my ass Achievement Unlocked, another chump destroyed Gotta beat, ya got a mic, but buddy boy that ain't a toy Other rappers are the corn flakes, I'm the prize that waits inside These people bought a ticket, gotta take em for a ride Now I'm lifted, King Beef, you can call me sire Seems like only California loves the thing I desire Thinking back on every evil thing that I've done On a suicide run, go back to disk one Turn off electronics then I'm back to being nothing I can beat ya up and blast ya and... whatever I'm just fronting Playstation calls my name, think that I could use a break On the internet discussing authenticity of cake Baby each and every day you take a big bite of life Gotta long road ahead full of gonads and strife And the lightning! LOLing bout the past Not ok, but you know that those troubles will not last Flipping through the channels, peep the bunnies in the grotto Hit the market, cross your fingers, you and me could win the lotto Spin the globe and use your pointer to decide our destination We've been working hard enough, we could use a year vacation But until that day, you might as well sit back And we can count up all the ways that we can find to relax Up, up, and away Up, up, and away Live it like you dream it, I got everything thing I need Packed into a tiny townhouse about to blow on Christmas Eve Can't a guy just take a little peek inside the stocking Based upon the weight I think I got the thing that I've been wanting Rip it and discover that the matrix is now mine Autobeats survive, you can call me Beefy Prime Wackacons are back, almost ripping through the seams Ain't been the same since our heroes transformed into human beings OMG its up to me, put it in my chest! Like Optimus and Rodimus and Wheelie now I'm blessed Headed for success. I cover East and West and Northside There's another gang rappers that can deal with Southern bad guys Allies where you at? On the team that you can trust Excuse me while I resurrect the one and only Airbus Protecting you is what we do! On our way to Cybertron, we so far gone yo how bout you?


released May 12, 2010

Album written and recorded by Beefy
Production by Mustin, c64 of Dual Core, and tanner4105

Album art by Brandon J. Carr

Photos by Ryan Tidrick


all rights reserved



Beefy Kennewick, Washington

Beefy is a grizzled young vet of nerdcore hip-hop, having been providing thrust inducing jams since 2005. Based near a decommissioned nuclear production complex in the Pacific Northwest, Beefy’s meta-powers took shape in the form of dope rhymes, fun flows, and he can glow in the dark. Beef can be found on Patreon making new tracks every month with producer and beat sommelier tanner4105. ... more

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