Monster feat. Mikal kHill & Adam WarRock

from by Beefy



Chan and I had just gone through a rewatch of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and I really wanted to write a track about chimeras. But not an entire song. Who do you call when you are feeling lazy but still want the track to be amazeballs? You call Eugene and Michael is what you do. I’ve never met kHill in the real world yet, but based on the company he keeps and the work he pumps out, he’s clearly a great dude. But when it comes to the raps… Just back the fuck up. kHill spits fire on this track. I love Adam. I love me even more, but I think kHill runs away with this one. Ring the bell. Match over.


How could heightening of senses make you miserable?
What could ever make you hate your favorite animal?
I never plan an action, everything I do instinctual
Don’t really care for ‘ware’ because it ain’t all that original
Military dog, I guess they kinda meant it literal
Told the fam I love em when the bastards faked my funeral
Subject to experiments, I’m suffering from ailments
Got tingles in my ligaments, Swollen like I'm on supplements
Man or freakin monster, kinda walking a thin line
If I knew this back in school I would have kept all my grades high
Lesson of the story is you never trust an alchemist
Equivalent exchange, hold the reigns like ventriloquist
But I can’t bite the hand that feeds, bleeding out obedience
Loyal to a fault with the urges of a hedonist
Chimaera kinda chuckles when you think that I’m the monster
The very first attempt was a father on his daughter

((hook x2))
I am just the monster that you made me
The fire that you started in my soul what raised me
So give yourself a great big pat on the back
Then always watch it cause I'm coming for your skull with a cricket bat


from Grown Up, released August 19, 2014
(K. Moore, M. Hill, E. Ahn, Mustin)



all rights reserved


Beefy Kennewick, Washington

Hailing from the Northwest, Beefy is a massive presence in the nerdcore hip-hop scene. Since 2005, Beefy has been pushing his positive, pop culture influenced message worldwide, beginning with his debut The Whitesican EP. Never afraid to make references to X-Men comic books or video game vixens, Beefy has also found a way to create his own style backed by pop, rock, and hard powered rap production ... more

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