Three Initials [f. Professor Shyguy]

from by Beefy



Time and again I show up, drinking soda, bullies come the new blood
One pant leg up, eating Pizza Hut, and I post up, Fatty with a bowl cut
And every single time I lose, only shows to prove, that I never give up
It's a slow improve, but I make my moves, sometimes I'm straight owning dudes
So bring on the noobs, I got the tools. Baby this was way back in 92
And if that little boy could see me now he would so proud, doing how I do
But those skills now ain't so cool, now gaming moved to being virtual
Got you holding every gun, it's a ton of fun
But get off the couch, it's a workout son!
But there's still a place that's like a cave, that seemed a lot bigger when I was small
They run they mouth, I Wreck It Ralph, body teens at the local mall
Nothing as a kiddo ever felt as fun
Running out of change but I can't be done
Need more credits, so pathetic
Mad at the cabinet cause it don't take debit

K, let's play
Just gotta be home when the sun stops shinning
Oh hey, nice save
But I got a lotta skills that I've been hiding
But forward fast to the present year
Times are bad, nobody's here
These cabinets no one repairs
In no time flat, they all disappear


from Too Big To Fail, Part One, released August 26, 2016
feat Professor Shyguy



all rights reserved


Beefy Kennewick, Washington

Hailing from the Northwest, Beefy is a massive presence in the nerdcore hip-hop scene. Since 2005, Beefy has been pushing his positive, pop culture influenced message worldwide, beginning with his debut The Whitesican EP. Never afraid to make references to X-Men comic books or video game vixens, Beefy has also found a way to create his own style backed by pop, rock, and hard powered rap production ... more

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