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by Beefy



Welcome back to the continuing adventures of yours truly. For the first time ever, we have an AoBT EP with a theme. I like shows. I feel influenced by the pop-culture of my past, present, and future. From the budding love life between childhood rivals to fan service towards my favorite sports show. The mind of a serial killer to the mind of a lazy guy addicted to instant streaming. We’re covering all of the important, hard hitting topics here, people. In a time where the world and our country are in civil unrest, it’s important to know that you can count on a fat kid with a Netflix account can take 2 years to put out a 6 song EP about bullshit. You are very welcome, America.

This album is totally free. If you’re new to the whole bandcamp thing, you can enter $0.00 for any pay-what-you-like album. Play it in your room, in your car, school dance, bar mitzvah, pirate radio station, podcast, vidcast, somekindofothercast, whatever. I'm honored that you would choose to spend valuable bandwidth on my musics. Thank you very much!


released June 27, 2013

Ruining My Life produced by Dakota
Dexter produced by Womack
Football Head produced by Pl4y4h
Bangin' produced by Curtiss King
Dan Nation produced by c64 or Dual Core
I Want Ya produced by J-Man


all rights reserved



Beefy Kennewick, Washington

Beefy is a grizzled young vet of nerdcore hip-hop, having been providing thrust inducing jams since 2005. Based near a decommissioned nuclear production complex in the Pacific Northwest, Beefy’s meta-powers took shape in the form of dope rhymes, fun flows, and he can glow in the dark. Beef is also a founding member of the nerd music super group The Grammar Club. ... more

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Track Name: Dexter
I'm doing science, so stay out of my lab. Yeah.
Plastic's everywhere, there's never a path, and
Splatter analyisies, understand the properties
Fighting for what's right and regreting all the casualties

The things I've seen would make a lesser man flip
Story got a little gory, I was just a little kid
Didn't really wanna shorty, I just need to see a drip
And my daddy he would scold me if my ego ever trip
But I seem to believe in a thing called justice
Family on the force since the days of horse and muskets
Taught me how to find em, more important than that
He taught me how to feed the demon without fading to black
He taught me everything I needed to do to get through
Fight crime, blend in like the good men do
That means keeping up appearences, it feels so complex
Like I could ever find a woman who's not hungry for sex
But tonight is the night, gonna add to my collection
Evil doers everywhere I'm teaching you a lesson
Find you, gonna bind you, and I'm gonna get inside you
Cause just because I'm like you doesn't really mean I'm like you

I'm doing science, so stay out of my lab. Yeah.
Plastic's everywhere, there's never a path, and
Splatter analyisies, understand the properties
Fighting for what's right and regreting all the casualties

I put my brother on ice like his namesake
And added cuts like it's a vetran DJ's mixtape
I live my life by a code, but it's shacky
Have a baby with a lady but not even she could ever save me
And in the end, I couldn't save her
Now everyday I call my sis and ask for favors
And if you even see my name up in the paper
Know that I was only trying to make the world a little better
Track Name: Bangin'
So basically I do whatever I what
Whenever I want, however I want, whenever I want
The industry can't get the best of me
Cause I know it doesn't take a lot to make an mp3
I find a beat and then I note it, write some lyrics and record it
I don't bother with a master cause the matter's rather sorted
Find a topic and explore it then move on to the next
Then tomorrow you'll forget it at the speed of the net, it
Don't take much to make my Mick spill ink
And my setup lot more simple than you probably think
You'd be shocked by how some talent can make up for your recording
If your boring don't jolted if your homies all just call it corny
They call and ask how can they be like me
They say they wanna rap and flow so nicely
It's write it and record it then repeat and repeat
And it is you vs. the beat and you never retreat

It makes me giggle when ya think that I'm pro
I'm not snobby, just a hobby but I love it for sure
And maybe I'm a little better than somebody you appreciate
And if it helps you out then you can point out that I'm overweight
Felt like the man when I told ya I was Whitesican
I got heat like an unattended frying pan
Made a plan to expand, hear my name in Japan
And find a girly showing off more underwear than a Quail Man
Funny how reality can be so brash
Well you can have it if you want it but you can't just ask
You gotta claw and you grab and no you can't hold back
On the road for 12 hours for an opening act, yeah
Rap is art, baby can I get a witness?
They ask ya why you do it, tell em none of your business
Nuttin that the public loving more than a mystery
But personally I'd do my thing if nobody was listening

And I've upgraded from my days as a pest
When only good for 16 and always needing a guest
But now I could go on and on, filling up the catalog
And storing more fucks than a Kevin Smith monologue
I don't give one, bow down to the big one
Let barista fashionistas claim another victim
The internet keep praising dormant nerd who is amazing
Cause they know my cheat codes and hot flow, they be -banging-
Your marketing is spendy, I can doodle my own cover art
My soldiers in the street, loving beef, know to play a part
I'll be a sidekick to anyone who's needing a verse
Of the peeps who rap for free ya know that you could do worse
Cheesing like a Packer, snap a neck like chiropractor
Is it cray to be a rapper if you ain't kicked a single backer
Dangle from the ceiling, hang on every word I’m saying
Keep it pro and never playing, everyday you know I am banging.

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