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Grown Up

by Beefy

Everybody, welcome to the new stuff! Beef Thompson, telling you I've grown up How I do it? Well I tell ya I just hit the little ~ in the middle for a minute than I hit another level Beef be stylish, championship finalist Approximately give as many shits as a nihilist Tell a little tale how you’re gonna take control But I’m the one who broke the mold, you can hold all the fat jokes Truth be told I’m not much of a winner But I’ve gotta a mega buddy had a song up on SportCenter Don’t forget. Chillin like Neil Everett I’m a beauty at a nine and getting hotter by the minute Talent takes time so I skipped to the front Green they get with jealousy, I’m level up I roll up to your home and I make it explode Then walk away without a look because I’m living in god mode The rap cat who looks good in fat Who always sounds so awesome on a Mustin track You kill it like a wedding and you’re dressed in black You can be the Steve Jobs, I’ll be the Wozniak, Jack! (hook) Oh my word, man, it must be hacks How else could these guys be on like that? Cheat code rappers, it’s a disaster Tracking like a torrent, I’m a real life hacker Oh my word, man, it must be hacks How else could these guys be on tracks so phat? Cheat code rappers, it’s a disaster Tracking like a torrent, I’m a real life hacker
Grown Up 03:46
No life. No fun. Don't you know that you're a grown up? No games. No puns. Not allowed if you're a grown up No more watching shows till sun rise Unacceptable for grown ups Your dinner cannot just be French fries Basically life sucks as a grown up About five years ago, I did what I wanted bro If I didn't feel like wearing pants then brother I just wouldn't go Used to rock the microphone, on the road for many shows Comiccon I spit some flows then walked my ass to Mexico Predating YOLO just a fellow with a mile wide Smile guy, living life, closer to the wide side Lonely and was going blind, bought the ticket take a ride Imagine my surprise when responsibilities arrived Enter the kiddo, the size of a thimble So cute make ya tremble, I was caught in the middle At the time I was fine, little babies they don't talk much Drink and eat the same stuff, every other second's lunch But shows came slower when she got a little bigger She may not be my daughter but she'll always have a father figure And now she's 5 years old and I'm never bored Putting on pants is like something I signed up for Back in the day, flipping pizzas I could take off To melt the faces of the haters who this Beefy's soft Now I gotta jump through more hoops than the Westminster Clearing things in March for a show in the mid Winter All filter. This S is F'n nuts I'm like the Aggro Crag and Nugget's always playing GUTS About to lose my lunch every single time she jumps But if I ever had a choice I would never give it up But it's always nice to have a little space Maybe catch a couple rays, maybe play a couple games Sit at my computer for an hour and a half Roll some rounds of damage for my double sided staff Oh Blast, aw shucks, Ah Phoney Fare thee well High Dive, take care Chop Suey Bye Ray's Golden Lion, See ya later Corazon I'll get back out on the road once I have taken care of home Simply put, this life ain't for all of ya'll Like seeing me in short shorts playing volleyball I'm not playing, never acting, I just came upon my passion In a fashion like my father if the planets moving backwards They grow up so fast Your only options are to have an attitude or a blast You make the best of what you've got and when you're done and looking back All you can hope to say is that you gave it everything you had So grown up Leila, baby, if you're hearing this I hope you've got a job ya love with all the benefits I hope you went to school, and I hope that you still call I hope I have a bunch of pics or your kids on the wall And if all that never happens know that daddy-beefy's lampin' A scenario where I'm not proud of you could never happen And when you're laying with your baby and you're stressing cause she's throwing up You'll start to understand the joys of being grown up
Ya know I dream of sleep Curl up like a baby I don't make a peep Feel serenity, calm, and the mellow Hit cloud nine when my head hits the pillow Ya know I dream of sleep But work comes first, rent don't come cheap So me and a dream are an enemy My only friend is a 5 hour energy I guess it helps if I start breaking down my schedule Day and night, 2 gigs, not very unusual I heard that wealth trickles down but the flow was slow I'd love to kiss ya baby but it's 10 and so I gotta go Grab my smokes, my 5 hour and my Amp Got the Kindle in my lap, hoping I don't take a nap 4 o' clock on the watch and there's nothing on the box 3 more hours on the clock, wishing I could make it stop Relief staff dip fast into my Expedition Speed off to the casa and I have a premonition Of a fatty in a blanket snoozing, dreaming of the lotto 9AM alarm is blasting and I'm crying I don't wanna Hero just like Nemo when I stroll into a dream But when the kid's around it's like the only place to be obscene Alarm sounds again says I only have a second 10 o clock on the dot, at my desk, I’m gonna wreck it Days I don't work catch me lounging with the youngin Do ya wanna play a game or watch an anime or something? Heck no man, she wants to run around She wants sing and dance and pick all of the daisies from the ground And I guess I could sit her by the tube Is it really all that wrong? I heard a lot of parents do And I could catch up on each and every single one of my Z's But my heart turns to Jell-O when she’s asking me please What kind of monster would I be if I just told the blondie sorry But your Beefy is too sleep-i-dee to really rock a tea party So forget it let's play dress up for a second I've seen what happens to a lady when she's hunting for attention Waiting for the day she tells me take a seat Brace yourself because I think I really wanna sleep Jump into our PJs, drop an elbow on a pillow But that's never gonna happen, she's hopped up on marshmallows Oh sleep boo, the things that I would do in you Dance with Janet Jackson in the 90s out in Malibu Ride a flying sturgeon to an underwater Barbeque Then hit up woman-Beefy for a really creepy rendezvous It's so tantric, less than fantastic Not emotional or drastic I’m just feeling kinda manic Non-politically correct they may describe me as a spastic Should be wearing nothing but white with my walls all made of plastic Every other week there's like another celebration And the bags under my eyes look like I'm going on vacation My baby always rocking, always helping with support And you know I won't complain babe, that's what I write songs for So even when it’s dark, I don’t feel low Cause every second is another second close to home Constant question am i doing it right? Normal in the light, the freak comes out at night
Girl Meets Doctor Boy meets girl, girl meets doctor Wanted an adventure so he set em up, proper Girl forgets boy in the blink of an eye Without her doctor everything would be unwritten from time But the boy did wait And his love did grow And he’d still learn things that he did not know See, this girl she has traveled through time and through space But what she loved was his stupid face Like geronimo, he had crashed into a Pond unsure about his face or what planet he was on that's when he met her, certain that he could trust her excited by his strangeness, fish fingers, custard she was different, he could tell from the start But the wall in her room was torn slightly apart A door she never opened held a prophecy of doom Didn't know she had a gift just by sleeping in her room he took his leave but promised that he would return she packed up all her bags and every quid she earned she sat and waited dreaming of better days but now certain that her apple surely kept him away she grew older, colder, more bolder innocence quickly turned to cold smolder when he returned he had found her obsessed she took his hand, disregarding her wedding dress Oh! There’s a twist in our story Guard your heartstrings, cause the deets a little gory She likes her doctor cause he's clever and he's quirky But she is getting married to a nurse we call him... I can't remember There’s something's missing Why has seen been crying? Whose lips had she been kissing? Who gave her confidence? Who'd never oppose Yeah she found the wedding ring but she don’t know who proposed We skip ahead to the Pandorica Situation stickier than summers out in Florida Evils out in space all arrive in one place All working together for an odd change of pace, but Rory the Roman, kicking the door open Save her from the Cybermen, bugged out and broken Not himself so he kind of sealed her fate So he’ll sit with that box and he'll wait and he'll wait
We knock em out of their socks Like rock em sock em robots We change the game and then we do it all again First and foremost baby there is just no stopping me I got my upgrades long ago when I was at academy Lubricated sockets meshing well with my circuitry Expected life span is like now until eternity So keep your fleshy vessel, none of which is bulletproof I even got a sensor watch your chickens when they come to roost I run on hater juice, alcohol, and methane Night vision, death ray, steel chassis, no pain Connected motherboards blowing up your record stores Analogue annihilated, rotaries will be no more What the hell you waiting for? I'm arming up to start a war Lieutenants are a menace and will tear you up like Lattimore Land where nothing matters but the size of your fist Put a mic inside my hand and I will take you to bliss Teeth you shouldn't grit man I'm just taking the piss But talk some shit and YOU get thrown out like my first name was chris
Hear Me Roar 04:11
I'm not a blacksmith. I'm not your bread baker Golden lion cub, they call me Kingslayer Just because I did what nobody else had the heart to do Mad King Areys kept on murdering his number two The day I won his tournament I made a life decision No land, no title, join this coalition Kingsguard, my god it was so hard Schooling every rookie squire sparing in the courtyard There was Hightower, Dayne, Whent, and Selmy Joined at sixteen, safe to say my dad was angry We'd go to war fighting battles I didn't wanna fight Which is hard to say because victory's my birthright King stored a lot of wildfire, said to let it burn In that moment thought I should be the one to end his turn Sat the throne while an angry Stark approached me Even then, I knew my father never liked me Hear Me Roar Wives shed tears when I go on tour And while my beauty slowly fades like the setting sun All my life I'll be known as the golden one I married the obscene Do some things you don't like when you need to be the queen I heard my prophecy, me and Melara I became a queen and she died in some water Three perfect children born from my body All golden of hair, each one is a hottie Like their father but their father glad to say it isn't Robert Brother's been a lover since the days when we were younger Mirror double, but then there's trouble, I don't have a dick So they taught him how to fight and they taught me how to knit Didn't make sense, we were basically the same And Jamie he has changed cause he doesn't feel my pain Fight my father's battles, my baby takes the throne But they ask for freaking much, leave my little king alone Feels like all of my children have been stolen, killed or taken from me Even still, I know my father doesn't love me Hear Me Roar Court full of traitors I can trust no more And now it seems I can't even count on Jamie I know for certain everybody's out to get me Small frame large head, rubbish with a crossbow Been all over Westeros, asking where do whores go? Maybe I didn't? Where do I even I start? My birth I killed my mother and it broke my father's heart Or so I'm told, I'm just surprised to learn he even had one Black eye green eye, assume that I'm the bad one Tysha my love was just a whore or so I thought My big brother told me so it left me little doubt So I never trust a women, but still treat em with respect The little lion ain't a monster, but is quick to kiss a neck I traveled lands until they said I'd be the Hand To my inbred little nephew and the sister I can't stand Safe to say her yes men I had never liked These assholes call me dwarf when they wanna act polite Spent my whole life trying to prove I'm not the villain And my father never loved me. I don't care because I killed him Hear Me Roar The world's much colder at 3 foot 4 Battle scars causing more than a limp In the end, you will bow to the imp
I'm a million feet high in the air, don't care About my problems on the surface, they can't reach me here I could travel to Columbia and still I'mma profit Timey-wimey stuff like it's Tennant and Moffit Whining then stop it. Handle this lock pick Strike all sides like a cat in a mosh pit Thought that I lost it, pained and accosted You fire hard stares, yo, I fire rockets Checking out the AD, try to get me, it's a pity That I'm really getting gritty, gonna sink ya floating city Situation getting sticky, kick the doors in like I'm Biggie World is magic and it's tricky, to be honest kinda shitty They don't get me, wanna stick me with a bullet in the back But I'm thinking they rethink it when the ravens on attack Treated like a bandit or a proper propagandist Swear to god before I perish, i'mma get this girl to Paris
How could heightening of senses make you miserable? What could ever make you hate your favorite animal? I never plan an action, everything I do instinctual Don’t really care for ‘ware’ because it ain’t all that original Military dog, I guess they kinda meant it literal Told the fam I love em when the bastards faked my funeral Subject to experiments, I’m suffering from ailments Got tingles in my ligaments, Swollen like I'm on supplements Man or freakin monster, kinda walking a thin line If I knew this back in school I would have kept all my grades high Lesson of the story is you never trust an alchemist Equivalent exchange, hold the reigns like ventriloquist But I can’t bite the hand that feeds, bleeding out obedience Loyal to a fault with the urges of a hedonist Chimaera kinda chuckles when you think that I’m the monster The very first attempt was a father on his daughter ((hook x2)) I am just the monster that you made me The fire that you started in my soul what raised me So give yourself a great big pat on the back Then always watch it cause I'm coming for your skull with a cricket bat
Head Six 03:58
[v1] My 24 hour fantasy Every capacity you know to show me ecstasy And you're just for me, other can't even glance Drop of a hat, inside my pants, no matter where we at And before I never knew that kind of passion Every action an attraction to illicit satisfaction And your damn fine good at your job, like you were built for it If I wasn't atheist I'd say you're heaven sent Lets head back to my quarters and toast When it comes to being wanted, we're the universe's most You know how much I love to spend my time on the coast It's like you live inside my head like you were Snow and I'm Ghost You're gonna get me into trouble Now is not the time to rub your chest across my stubble But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want it Have anything you want, all alarms I disarm it [hook] I can be your Gaius And you could be my Head Six Getting hooked on that good love Baby we could be timeless I can be your Gaius And you could be my Head Six You’re an gift from a true God Angel in robotics [v2] And when we're separated, I'll be honest, I trip Like I'm sweating and I'm pacing like I can't get a grip You always get me happy with a move of your hip And you make me feel important when they treat me like shit Which happens more than I'd like to admit But I can keep it legit, I only teared up a bit Ya treat my life of chopped liver like it was a delicacy Could take me from a farmer's son to the presidency There must be others better than me But you stick around and work it like a residency And your history a mystery, I’m cracking the code Love is so hot, we making Cloud 9 explode They say there’s millions in the ocean that look similar But no doppelganger hot figures could compete with ya You make me dream of all the worlds that we could go to I’m kind of happy that you made me get to know you [hook] I can be your Gaius You could be my Head Six Get hooked on that good love Baby we could be timeless I can be your Gaius You could be my Head Six You’re an gift from a true God Angel in robotics You’re into wild theories, I don’t get all that stuff But it’s hard to disagree when what you’re preaching is love They say we’ve done it before, I hope we do it again And if you’re into being awesome you can call up a friend Keep me prisoner? I promise I won’t get far Got me trippin like my heart’s about the size of a Baystar Catching me off guard, you’re smooth but you go hard It kind feels like we found love in a junkyard But I can see that you’re friend aren’t really into me And my friends are kind of burning you an effigy And between me and you they kind of hate me too All because we do not follow What Would Husker Do? Out of the blue and now we’re stuck in the black But the way you wear that dress I hope we never go back Quote me on that, we’ll find a new place to live Get together, fall in love, and have a couple of kids
I wanna take us on a holiday My fam pack bags, leaving right away The only place I wanna be is the beach And once we’ve arrived, know you'll never wanna leave, no I wanna take us on a holiday iPhones thrown away on this vacay Tommy Bahama got me looking like a tool But ya never really notice when your lamping at the pool Alternate reality, we have a lot of time And I've saved a lot of duckets cause I'm always on my grind Accumulate vacation now I'm gonna make it mine Gonna be sublime, are ya ready for a ride? Hit the coast, which one, it doesn't matter We can't get there any faster, have the baby drain her bladder Because I don't wanna stop until we make it to the water Closer that we get ya know it's only getting hotter Baby I just really wanna see ya in your swimwear So this hotel room boo, let's get out of here I wanna feel the sand between all my toes And my back and my butt and my hair and my noes Let's have a couple drinks inside some little coconuts The beauty unrelenting and you know that it ain't letting up So I'll be the Gilligan if you're the Mary Ann I know your fantasies like their the back of my hand, yeah Nothing cuter than our Nuggy in a swimsuit At least while she's younger, when she's older then it's up for dispute Afraid of ocean but a fan of sand castles Dominate the surf like I dominate a rap battle I don't battle, that's the joke, didja get it? Not from around here and happy to admit it Can't appreciate a paradise when it's in the back yard Like take all the credit when you know you didn't work hard My baby catching all the rays Kind of like the way that I wished my Hawks played Sorry baby, I'm sorry. no I won't talk sports My only goal to make you want me while I wear these shorts Nuggy please don't cry because a crab got close Swear he didn't mean to scare ya, we're just in his house Step back, quick flash, take a photo, make a memory I always want you near to me, I love my goofy family
Save Point 03:48
[v1] You’re always where I wanna be at True fact, been in love with you since way back Don't spend the time with you like I did some years ago Feeling terrible, showing up like 'where he go?' Feel like why I do I work all these hours for? Is a life away from home what you're wanting more? Feel like you're just slumming in a dungeon Chivalry and bravery the traits I hope to summon Jump into your arms and say baby I'm here to login [chorus] There was too much hype We couldn’t help but disappoint Maybe we can fix this Go back in time like a save point [v2] I used to skip school just to be with you It's like I probably should have never had a vehicle Me and my friends used to take turns in grade school By fifteen you could handle up to four dudes But I am the monogamous type And four blocks in a box wasn't feeling the hype So we secluded by ourselves in the basement We would stay so amazing, the games we was playing And I could always take you anywhere Most impressive thing there at the World's Fair And like me, you don't like the high degrees And some of my favorite things are Japanese I'm Sam Fisher being silent when the guards patrol Space animal doing every barrel roll Many plans on an Oregon caravan Goof and Donald there to have my back in Neverland You changed me from a little boy to a Mega Man [v3] Where would I be without the up down left right? Running up to walkthrus when I don't feel bright But you keep bringing less to the table And with every make over you become less stable We used to chill all night in my bed Until the ring that you rock turned red Sad story said. Like you just disconnect And the only thing you wanna talk about's the undead Drudge up the past, everything is a sequel Never thought that I would think we should see other people Lately, to be honest, you've become quite a bore Or maybe I'm just tired of us keeping a score Could we ever go back like we had it before? When I was young and couldn't picture ever wanting you more? Or am I only trying to cling to my past Loading up these memories that we never had And how this whole thing could be replaced by an iPad


released August 19, 2014

"Beefy" Photo by Jeff Douglas (500px.com/jeffdouglas)
Cover Artwork by Chris Dlugosz (cubosh.com)
Alt Cover Artwork by Thor Thorvaldson


all rights reserved



Beefy Kennewick, Washington

Beefy is a grizzled young vet of nerdcore hip-hop, having been providing thrust inducing jams since 2005. Based near a decommissioned nuclear production complex in the Pacific Northwest, Beefy’s meta-powers took shape in the form of dope rhymes, fun flows, and he can glow in the dark. Beef can be found on Patreon making new tracks every month with producer and beat sommelier tanner4105. ... more

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